9 Reasons ‘Friends’ Is the Best Sitcomto Watch

If you ask people about their favourite comedy series, most will say that it is ‘Friends’. This hilarious and amazing TV series captured the lives of millions and many of us can’t think how our lives would have been without ‘Friends’. Here are some top reasons why it is so good.


Even after more than 20 years, the story of ‘Friends’ is still relevant. You can still laugh at every joke and it will be appealing to the new generation as well. You can now watch ‘Friends’ with your kids or younger siblings.


Short episodes

As the series had short episodes, it didn’t take much of your time to watch it. You could conveniently find time to watch the series. It was a great stress reliever. Whether you came from college or work, you could have a good laugh while watching the show.

The characters

Each of the characters of ‘Friends’ was unique. You could somehow relate to each of them. You won’t be able to pick one favourite character. In one episode you will like one and in another one of the other characters.

People loved the ‘Ross and Rachel’ pair. They also loved Joey and Phoebe. You will fall in love with each of the characters.

Relates to real life

You will be able to relate to their lives. You will find that you do similar things with your friends. The characters become part of your life.

The stories

Each episode had a story and they were amazing. The stories were progressive, so you walked with them. The stories were about ‘real-life’ issues and situations.


In many episodes, there were celebrities like Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and others. This made the show worth watching. The celebrities made the show brighter with their appearance.

Real audiences

The show had real audiences and you could hear them laugh. This made the show more enjoyable as you could hear the audiences laugh at the jokes along with you. It felt as if you were watching the show with many others.

The theme song

The theme song has become like an anthem. Everyone knows it by heart. The song just sets you in the mood to watch the series and have a good time.

Ross-Rachel love story

Ross fell in love with Rachel in college and the audiences kept on waiting to see how the two of them would get together. Their chemistry was loved by the audience.

No other comedy series has created such a huge impact on the audiences’ lives and minds. This is no doubt one of the best comedy series to watch.